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PayPal Power Play Downsell 2 - Anthony Aires PayPal Ban Interview

Author Name: Anton Nadilo

Launch Date: 03-17-2012 06:28 AM

Price: $4.95 USD

Commission: 50% which is $2.48 USD

Refund Period: 30 days

Sales:   --

Visitor Conv.: 0.00%

$ per Visitor: $0.00

$ per Sale: $0.00

Refund Rate: 0.00%

Additional Information:

Affiliate Page for Swipe and Alerts: PayPal Power Play goes live at 6:15am Saturday 17th March EST but we would also encourage affiliates to send out a 2nd mailer at around 7pm or 8pm local for their main list location. This will ensure that the emails don't get deleted without proper attention in the first cull of the evening. Any affiliate selling more than 3 copies will be upgraded to auto approve for future offers. Any affiliate selling over 75 copies will have their commissions increased manually to 100% for any further sales.

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